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Monday, Aug 2 2004

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I had a good Monday, all in all. Got lots done at work and feel fairly knowledgeable there right now. That will change I’m sure once I have more projects. A tad frustrated with the processes/disorganization, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I really want to do more training on the clinical contracts. I must make time for that.

Worked out this evening - I’m still sore from last night’s FIRM video. Steve didn’t get home til 8, so I had some of the evening to myself. I’ll have tomorrow night to get ready for Molly, which is great. I’m looking forward to seeing her. Let’s see - need to clean the bathroom and change the sheets on the guest bed, but really, nothing else is a must-do.

I need to remember to make phone calls on my drive home - I need to put a note in Nigel to remind me of that. (Nigel is my car/SUV - as in Nigel, the British Samurai).

I’ve got lots of restless energy right now - if I were manic-depressive, this would be the manic phase of the cycle. I want to concentrate and write, but I just can’t focus.

I don’t feel any less busy working only one job - in fact, this weekend went so fast and was full of painting the hall (we did pretty well - there were only two episodes of sheer frustration - one on my part and one on Steve’s - then we were able laugh and the I took a nap. Very effective!) but I had wanted to go bra shopping and never had time. I got one new bra at Kohl’s - no underwire but I think that there are very few C cup bras without underwire…

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