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Monday, Nov 15 2004

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Iím going to take a moment to try to analyze my unease. I think its work related. I just do not understand why people get to the positions they get to by being so spectacularly incompetent? Is it because they rely on people like myself who do my job? Are there just enough of people (make that women) like me that incompetent people (make that men) just get to rise to the top? It must be.

This is exactly the type of thinking that Iím supposed to itemize and re-rationalize according to ďFeeling GoodĒ, which I will do when Iím done venting. It makes me so angry that I get worried because other people do not do their jobs adequately. It frustrates me so much that I get frustrated over what I canít control. All I can do is manage whatís in front of me.

It seems like so many of the values that were instilled in me from my parents Ė responsibility, proactive-ness, ethical behavior are NOT rewarded in the ďrealĒ world. In fact, if anything, those behaviors are punished. Iím not going to go further down that road right now. Iím not.

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