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Monday, Nov 29 2004

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Steve and I went to the Unitarian Church up on Summit yesterday and it was a wonderful service. I felt as if I had come home. The service itself as well as the sermon where phenomenal - perfect - open and compassionate but deep and probing. The sermon was ďBowing to BrokennessĒ and I was just in 7th heaven listening to it. It was insightful and resonated with me so deeply. The minister spoke about the despair that comes when you feel like there just isnít enough you can do to help the world - exactly what IĎve been feeling the past month or so. Steve enjoyed it too, which made it even more special. I hadnít been to a Unitarian service before. It was so comfortable and peaceful and, well, deep. Iím really excited. There appears to be a husband-wife couple who are the ministers and then a wide variety of assistants from the congregation. The music was great as well.

Since I got my spiritualism out of the way - my ass has exploded. It is huge. I donít know how to explain this phenomenon. Steph says that she has talked to several women who said that practically overnight their bodies changed when they turned 30. I am trying to decide if Iím really accepting of it, or if by accepting it, Iím making an excuse to beÖwhatÖlazy? I donít think thatís right. Iím not. My body has just changed. It is too weird, though - overnight, I swear.

We toured the Y today and Iím hoping we can decide to join in the beginning of the year. Steve wasnít overly impressed, but it is so close. Weíll see. In the meantime, Iíll continue to workout here at the house. Iíve gone back to the 30 minute workout, which means Ĺ tapes, but I actually donít mind that. I find it helpful to change my routine when I get stuck.

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