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Thursday, Dec 30 2004

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This will only be amusing to the ladies out there - but I've been wondering why I've been all puffy all day. Well, duh. I'm off the pill now and about 2 hours from getting my period (which I haven't had in months - I took the b/c pills back to back). So, how fun! I get to puffy, bloated, and crampy. LOL.

Wait, maybe I shouldn't weigh in this Saturday, then? Agh. What to do? I don't want to discourage myself unnecessarily. But I think I will. I'll live. I will live. The only truly horrible thing will be if I weigh any more than 136.

I have a sneaking suspicision that 136 on me looks way worse than on nearly everyone else my height. Is this true? Is this in my head? I will resist going into a litany of what is wrong with my bone structure so that it makes every pound appear worse than it would on someone else. I will resist. Resisting... I am so impatient to get back to 130. But will that be good enough? I hope so. Its 5-6 measly pounds. Come on already!!

I am seeing a friend tonight for dinner that I haven't seen in at least a year. I'm excited and nervous. She is a hose-woman if I've ever known one - she worked on a horse ranch for two years and now has her own that she rides. She rides dressage (sp?). And she is wonderfully dead pan. I miss her. She's in town for the holidays. Anyway - I won't know my afternoon/evening schedule til I hear from her, but I'm hoping to get some kind of workout in before dinner.

I am very thankful for my CK friends - chatting, PMing, etc. with them on a regular basis is a wonderful attidote for the sense of loneliness I was feeling. I am very appreciative.

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