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Monday, December 20th 2004

I'm swamped at work so I can't write much, but I am have such huge news! I am going off my birth control in one week! This is so wonderful!

Saturday, December 18th 2004

Wow. Discouraged. 135 again today. Hmmm.

Friday, December 17th 2004

I have gone up and down about a thousand times today, mood-wise. I am so tired of my volatility. Especially because I was on an even keel for what felt like a good stretch. Is it the holidays? If so, why? I'm not overly busy - in fact, I seem to be the only person who isn't complaining about "all the parties" they are invited to. I'd be happy to go to a holiday party - especially a non-work one. But that is a door I'm not opening today. I'm just not going to approach that monster today...

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Thursday, December 16th 2004

I got very angry at work and didn't have time to "process" (ie go through exercises I've adopted to figure out what I'm thinking and counteract any irrational thoughts that are making me feel angry). I'm past the moment right now and don't really feel like doing the work. Today has been all about the "I don't feel like it." which lately is very unlike me - I've been go, go, go, do, do, do lately. I couldn't even sit down to watch the sencond episode of CSI on Spike after dinn...

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Tuesday, December 14th 2004

I'm at a very strange point right now. I've never been this way, I don't think. I was so restless this weekend and so far this week, I've had to fill my evenings to make it through until bedtime. I usually don't have any trouble filling the evenings, but yesterday and today I had to work at it. Either I'm super productive, or something is amiss. Am I worried? Am I...what? I have no idea. I still don't have a very good attention span (this is common in ex smokers), but this is excessive. For one,...

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