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Sunday, Jan 23 2005

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I have so much to journal-think about it. The sermon at church today. I am so thankful to have found this church - the sermons and services seem made especially for me and my questionings and thoughts and heartaches and joys. And I love, love, love, that I feel at home in this group of people who have similar beliefs about what is good and right in society and actually work to make good things happen. A small example - there is an anti-racism group that meets every week - they do trainings and talks to the community about afforable housing, job trainings, civil rights, etc. I laughed with joy counting 8 John Kerry bumper stickers on the one block walking into the church today. That is what I'm thankful for today. And I'm so happy that Steve comes with me.

I'm concerned about how busy I will be at work tomorrow. I might go in early and plan to stay a bit later, but we'll see how it goes. I'm very excited about applying what I learned in the Access class.

Steve and I booked our flights to and from Vegas. We decided to do that, and then drive to Tucson/Pheonix so that we could have a night at his brother's hotel in Vegas. I am apprehensive about asking for another day off at work. I shouldn't be - but I am. I need to figure out how to best do that.

I took a 2 1/2 hour nap today - it was wonderful. I love naps.

I ate too much yesterday - but, it was a bit on purpose, meaning that I planned to. And it was very good - I ate relatively normally except for a huge desert of peppermint ice cream and peppermint chocolate chip cookies. So, today I had planned to be back at 1200 again, but S wanted something other than what I had planned for dinner, so I'm a bit over. I don't think I need to worry, really, but I do, of course. I would love to be at 130 by the time we go to NV/AZ. And that's, what, 4.5 weeks away. I need to remember that I will be able to work out all this week, and couldn't last week. Calm, Lynn. Calm. I swam 1500 today and that was a good workout. Calm.

I'm going to get everything ready for work tomorrow - I have found that if I have everything ready to go, I can get up and out pretty quickly, leaving more time for sleep. Because, no matter how many naps I take, 6:20am isn't fun.

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