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Monday, Jan 31 2005

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Total anxiety this morning. Anger. Frustration. I work with contracts, so I have to interface with the several people in the Legal dept and I find them very, very frustrating. One is a very unpleasant woman who accuses, forgets what she's directed us to do before, and generally makes me feel defensive face actually gets hot when I have to interact with her. She sent a nasty email this morning in response to a simply inquiry I made into the status of her review of a document. I wouldn't invovle her if I didn't have to. The other one is a man who can not get anything done on time to. save. his. life. I've had new contract templates ready to go. for. a. month. They are still pending his review. And I get caught between the sales force and the Legal dept. And to top it all off, this is not an issue I can push back on to my team lead. I am going to try to calmly and professionally voice my frustration with the process to him to see what he can do. The library didn't have any of the books Jay so kindly recommended re anxiety, so I am going to work with this as best I can in the meantime.

I hadn't thought it possible, but perhaps I am anxious about other things - including what I ate this weekend. Hmmm. Okay - I am going to talk a walk and breath deeply and get my center back.

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