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Wednesday, Feb 2 2005

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This week is going slowly. I think its becuase Monday was so awful. In the locker-room at the gym last night, I sighed loudly and the lady next to me, "No kidding!" We laughed.

I took an aerobics class last night and I've never had such a horrible instructor. Where do they find these people? Good grief. She couldn't, apparently, be bothered to warn us ahead of time when she was going to change the move. Frustrating. But - it was a good change of pace. I don't think I'll do it more than once a week. But it made me think that I might want to check out the Bosu class even thought it doesnt start until 5:45 and lasts for a hour. Its so late.

We are going out (!) with S's friend and wife on Thursday. I really like his friend, and hope I like his wife as well. It will be great to socialize with someone...anyone.

Because S isn't working yet, our schedules are a bit off - he usually lays down with be before I go to sleep for a bit, we watch TV or read, but then gets up and is up pretty late. It makes me feel a bit disconnected from him, in that we don't seem to be awake in each other's company very long during the average weekday - from 6pm to 10pm is all. Generally, I don't want a man telling me what to do, but in intimate matters, I find I'm yearning for a bit of forcefulness. I think I could share this with him. I know I could. Its just a matter of finding the right moment.

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