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Tuesday, Feb 22 2005

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I don't know if I will have time to journal before we leave on our trip so I'm going to spend just minute doing so now. I've got about ten minutes before I need to leave for work.

Yesterday was a company holiday, but I went in and got a lot done. I'm never one to take the mindset of "someone else can deal with xyz", but I have taken that view regarding this trip. Someone else can deal.

I'm going to miss Ripple so much. Since S's back has been so bad the past week or so, I've really noticed that Ripple is much more equal in her adoration now, between S and I. I think she just needed to rely on me for some things for a bit to balance it out. It kills me to leave her for 6 days. If its this bad with a dog, imagine what it must be like to leave a child! I don't like leaving the kitties either, but I know they have each other and are a bit more independent.

I got a group email yesterday from KL. She is a bit of an enigma to me - she was both a good friend at points and a really not-so-nice-gossip at others. She seemed to be the one who always told me the most hurtful news about AJ, but she managed to do it in such a way that she never came across as anything but helpful. !? She and her husband had a baby boy. I didn't realize they were even expecting, and a baby is not what I pictured her doing at this point. She's getting her phD. It left me with a strange feeling - hearing this news. Envy, of course, but just a sense of how fast life is going. Time is just flying by. I wish sometimes it would slow up just a bit. Just for a moment. Just long enough to take a breath and look around and hold some wonder and possibility in my heart.

I'm a bit apprehensive to weigh in tomorrow morning. But - what is the worst that could happen? The worst is that I weigh more than 132 or more. And if that happens, it will be "bad", but at least I'll have a sense of restraint on the trip. If I weigh in at 131, I will also have that restraint. Anything lower and I will be very happy but will have to keep an eye on what I'm eating. Not that I wouldn't anyway, but a more vigilent eye.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in on this trip.

Off to the races.

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