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Thursday, February 10th 2005

Swamped. Drained.

Need to take a moment though to vent my frustration. I am hearing that our department head wants my supervisor to focus more on process improvement rather than "detail" work - and implying that he needs to hand detail-type work off to, presumably, us. And it is dovetailing in my mind with that article I read on why women aren't represented in executive management rolls (too much focus on detail, not enough risk tolerance) and its making me very upset in light of ...

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Monday, February 7th 2005

I am swamped at work and very, very stressed out. Half of it is the real/actual workload, and the other half is how I respond to it. I recognize that. I had to leave the office for about 20 minutes today to breakdown and re-group a bit. Its ugly right now. And no end in sight. I believe the work is worth the effort from a personal standpoint, but that doesn't change the work. Actually, if it were a clear cut and heavy workload, I'd be fine. Its when I'm given or take on tasks that are vague, hav...

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Sunday, February 6th 2005

Its 4:11am - I can't sleep. I've been up since 2am. I had to take the dog out, and then couldn't get back to sleep. I watched TV for a bit, realized that U2 is touring soon, went online to find tickets, only to find out that they aren't coming to Mpls at least on this summer's leg, cleaned out my email, emailed work about a few things I can't forget to do, logged yesterday's cals, responded to a few posts, and traded good mornings with Mo.

S and I went to see Sideways. I really liked it. Wh...

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Saturday, February 5th 2005

Down a pound. I think. My scale is so arbitrary. I had to do multiple weighs, getting anything from 131 to 133 and several 132s, so I assume its 132. I had hoped for less, but I will live with this. I'm just so impatient to get back to 130. Agh. My hip measurement was down a good deal, which is nice. Others were even or up slightly, but I find it hard to worry about differences of less than 1/2 inches as I'm sure I measure slightly differently all the tim.e

My maintenance reality check wa...

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Friday, February 4th 2005

Work has been out of control. I found out that the coworker that I have such issues with has OCD and hasn't been taking her medication for the past 3 weeks. She confided this to me and asked me not to tell anyone. Of course I won't, but I was appalled that she told me - not appalled that she has OCD - AT ALL - but that she told me and what am I supposed to do with this information? Agh. Then she literally blew up in a meeting with Marketing and G actually got angry. I've never seen him angry, le...

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