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Wednesday, March 30th 2005

I feel very frumpy today. I'm not sure why. I do have these strange stains on my shirt that look like oil stains but didn't come in the wash. I've very self conscious of them. I think I'll need to retire this shirt, unfortunately. Frumpy. Frowzy. Unkempt. Which is too bad since I actually took a shower last night and did my hair this morning. I just feel like a lump.

I'm going to go the consignment shop after work to see if I can find any pretty skirts for spring that might expand with me a...

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Tuesday, March 29th 2005

Week 8 and a half right now. I had to laugh because I found a website that says my little walnut is actually a kidney bean. They can't keep changing the fruit/nut/vegetable size on me. So, walnut it is.

I also finally got my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book, and am fairly dispointed so far. For one, they try to make the argument that morning sickness is emotional rather than phsycial. I disagree. They say this is so because a) all women have the same hormones coursing t...

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Friday, March 25th 2005

Week 8 today!

Got tons done here at work this morning and am now waning. This seems to be a pattern the last few days. The wrist bands are helping tons, but I still don't feel "right." I told S this last night and then I said, "I don't know why I'm afraid for anyone to think I feel GOOD." He said, "Its okay - I'll still ask, and care, and love you if you don't feel sick." And oddly enough, that's exactly what I needed to hear. I know I'm getting to be annoying ...

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Thursday, March 24th 2005

I went to a pharmacist yesterday, after having to sleep in my car for about two hours here at work because I felt so out of it, who recommended the sea sickness wrist bands for morning sickness. I also got a anti-nausea syrup. Both are working very well so far. I’m so thankful. I truly, truly hope it doesn’t wear off. I still have a strange feeling around my throat – it feels like someone is choking me. Its very strange.

Chatted with Stephie on line for a bit last night – I miss my sist...

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Tuesday, March 22nd 2005

The nausea today is at a dull roar, which is a nice minor relief. What is not working is my head. I can't concentrate to save my life. Thank goodness that I am flying below the radar here at work because if I had to be visible it would rough to play normal. There is major turmoil here, but I'm not invovled. Which is wise on their part because I'll throw up on anyone who rocks my boat. :)

I'm so sad about the shooting at the school on the Indian reservation up north. The pain a person must be...

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