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Monday, Mar 21 2005

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The usual refrain this morning - I feel crummy. This weekend was amazing in a bad way - I spent the vast majority of it in bed. Not because it felt good to be in bed, but because it felt even worse to be standing up. I finally actually threw up about 3pm on Sunday and, of course, felt better for a bit. But back to the nausea this morning. S said, "I'm beginning to hold a grudge against this baby." I had to laugh. We watched a program on the Discovery channel called "Conception to Birth" and it was pretty neat. Not as cool as the one I'm hearing about on the National Geographic channel, which we don't get, but pretty neat. My baby is the size of a walnut. And this little walnut is wreaking some serious havoc. I do not understand the biological relationship between a baby and one's digestive system - they are totally different body systems. Why would one affect the other? Makes no sense to me - its like getting a bunion and having it affect your hearing.

I was lucky enough to talk to Jennie Goglin this weekend! She was in town and we had hoped to get together but between my nausea and her cold, it didn't work out. She sounds as delightful as she reads!

Little walnut - please let up a bit. I'll spoil you rotten when you get outside your current home if you just let up on the nausea a bit. :)

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