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Thursday, Mar 24 2005

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I went to a pharmacist yesterday, after having to sleep in my car for about two hours here at work because I felt so out of it, who recommended the sea sickness wrist bands for morning sickness. I also got a anti-nausea syrup. Both are working very well so far. I’m so thankful. I truly, truly hope it doesn’t wear off. I still have a strange feeling around my throat – it feels like someone is choking me. Its very strange.

Chatted with Stephie on line for a bit last night – I miss my sister so much. She is such an amazing woman.

I realized in bed last night that even though I read voraciously, I never “record” what I’m reading. So, I’m going to start to. I just got done re-reading Margaret Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” and have started re-reading my favorite of hers, “The Robber Bride.”

Steve just called to tell me that last night some type of animal was in the back yard and Ripple almost got in a fight with it. He doesn’t know what it was – a raccoon, or porcupine, etc.

I can’t wait for the weekend. Can’t wait.

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