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Tuesday, Mar 29 2005

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Week 8 and a half right now. I had to laugh because I found a website that says my little walnut is actually a kidney bean. They can't keep changing the fruit/nut/vegetable size on me. So, walnut it is.

I also finally got my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book, and am fairly dispointed so far. For one, they try to make the argument that morning sickness is emotional rather than phsycial. I disagree. They say this is so because a) all women have the same hormones coursing through them, so why would some get sick and some not? b) women in developing countries don't have morning sickness c) women who get put in hospital report reduced morning sickness d) women with unplanned pregnancies have more morning sickness than those who plan their pregnancies.

Here is my rebuttal:
a) Hormones affect different bodies differently - I get PMS and my sister doesn't in response to the exact same hormone. Try again.
b) Yes, they do - I've lived in developing countries. They just don't talk about it.
c) This is so weird I don't know how to respond - why are they being put in a hospital?
d) My pregnancy was planned. And I assumed I WOULDN'T get morning sickness because my mother didn't.

Grrr. Harumph.

The book also contradicts itself constantly - its not a good idea to get pregnant within 3 months of going off birth control/its absolutely fine to get pregnant ON birth control as long as you stop taking it in the first few months. Okay. Its best to eat only organic food/women have healthy babies every day even being unhealthy themselves and in their environments. Don't drink caffeine/2 servings a day is fine. I could go on, but I think I need to not. So - I'm in search of other sources of information.

Steve and I went out to dinner last night and then bought paint for the baby's room, and for the living room. Blue and green respectively. I am SO not for gender typing babies with color. I could be happy with son in pink. I can't believe how worked up people get that strangers know their baby's sex just by its clothes. We talked about the baby's sex last night and I think we'll try to find out what it will be. We talked about how frightened we both are of raising a daughter - its is so hard to raise a strong women in our society. I told him I wanted my daughter, if we have one, to go to an all girl's middle and high school. The studies showing how much better girls do in single sex situations is really strong and also disheartening. So. We both think raising a son will be "easier" from a self esteem and vulnerability standpoint. So - given that we feel/think this, I think its good for us to have some time to get used to whatever sex the baby will be. I'm glad Steve voiced an opinion on this. I had to laugh - he said, "Little boys and teenage girls. Ugh." And mock shuddered in dread.

I'm getting very excited about Columbus! I think I will try to pack tonight so that I don't have to do that later on in the week.

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