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Wednesday, Mar 30 2005

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I feel very frumpy today. I'm not sure why. I do have these strange stains on my shirt that look like oil stains but didn't come in the wash. I've very self conscious of them. I think I'll need to retire this shirt, unfortunately. Frumpy. Frowzy. Unkempt. Which is too bad since I actually took a shower last night and did my hair this morning. I just feel like a lump.

I'm going to go the consignment shop after work to see if I can find any pretty skirts for spring that might expand with me as the baby grows. I need some new clothes/new colors. I'm so tired of blacks and browns.

I feel the best today that I've felt in a long, long time. In fact, maybe I'll go to the gym tonight. Wowsa. In that case, I'm going to go shopping now on lunch. Good idea.

Well - that was a failure. Found one sort of cute skirt and silky PJs, but other than that - bumkis.

Came back to a variety of emails that make me defensive.

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