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Monday, Apr 4 2005

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Mondays are rough, emotionally, at work. I need to remember that. I had forgotten.

In an effort to achieve some balance I find I need to offset what I am morose about with what I am happy about. So - happy. I had a WONDERFUL time in Columbus and so pleased to be able to SEE these women who have become so important to me. I felt nearly instantly comfortable and laughed as I haven't in a while. I am very thankful for their support and friendship and soul-kinship. That's a big happy.

S did some re-arranging while I was gone this weekend and the house looks very nice. He cleaned up the deck and backyard and I appreciate all his work in/for our home.

The above things make other things seem less important. I am concerned about work, a bit, and my lack of motivation. I am concerned about S and I re duties/responsibilities and balance and feeling un-energetic. I am a bit worried because when I sick this mornng, there was some blood. I'm nearly certain it is due to not having anything in my stomach except some 1/2 caf coffee so there was nothing to throw up, but it doesn't make me feel ummm peaceful. And I went into the bedroom to get a hug post-yak and wasn't as warmly received as I would like. So.

Oops - need to actually do some work for a bit.

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