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Wednesday, Apr 27 2005

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I worked out again today. I'm on a roll. (Said a bit sarcastically, but pleased none the less). My lung capacity is definity down, but that's to be expected. I'm still not logging food the way I should - I can't figure out what in my way.

I actually ate fish for dinner tonight - salmon. I'm not supposed to have too much due to the mercury in fish right now (what a wonderful commentary on our environment, huh? That we need to worry about deformities to our unborn children because of polution. How appalling).

I can't write much right now because I'm tired and I need to snuggle with S. And since 9pm is getting to be my bedtime lately (sad, isn't it?)....

I would be more than thrilled if it works out for A, S, C, and A to come visit in August - what a wonderful thing to look forward to. I would dearly love to see M in NYC, but won't be able to. I love NYC.

I am continuing to really enjoy the Preggers Thread - I feel a great bond with these women and man. (Go, Mark!) I ordered several more books off Amazon and am looking forward to them. As good the latest edition of "What to Expect" has been, I want more info - so I got book on pregnancy week by week. I also Jenny McCartny's book per Patti's recommendation and the "The Girlfriend's Guide," which came much recommended by a woman at work that I like.

Almost only (sez the English major) 7 weeks until we find out what the walnut is - boy or girl!! (as if there are more options I need list!? last I checked it was either one or the other) I'm hearing boy because of the heart beat and girl because of how sick I was. I haven't really started dreaming about the walnut yet - I hope that doesn't mean anything. Oh dear - am I already starting think that I'm not a good mother? I hope not. It has to be perfectly normal not to dream about the baby. Couldn't find the heart beat with the doppler last night. Maybe I'll try again tonight.

Lots of things to think about and ponder but not to write about this evening. Another time.

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