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Monday, Jun 13 2005

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Am having a hard time getting going this morning. I rarely – make that never - take a “screw you” attitude towards work but am getting very close right now/today. Mondays are always problematic for me, though. I am glad to finally be learning how to balance my own expectations of myself with reasonable external expectations – its taken a while to do this – about 8 years, actually. I wonder what I would be doing/where I would be if I had learned this five years ago. Honestly, I’d probably still be working at Allied. In retrospect – how frightening! Perhaps I wouldn’t have spiraled during those post-Allied years, though, had I learned some of this earlier. I don’t know. Its always easy to question things in hindsight.

I had a nice weekend, all in all. Yesterday I didn’t feel physically the greatest, but everything else about it was nice. I think I’ve developed an intolerance for dairy. I have been feeling a bit queasy after ice cream and cereal. So, I’m going to go ice cream-less for a few days and see if that helps.

Funny dreams – I dreamt my father disowned me for having this baby. I don’t think you could find a man more excited about being grandpa, so this was pretty hilarious. Lots of baby dreams – not always my baby – but babies in most of them.

I need to start a list of questions for my OB at my next appointment. Some are:

1. How dangerous is it to sleep on my back? Meaning, is this something that I shouldn’t do for 5 minutes or shouldn’t do for 2 hours?
2. My nipples. Enough said.
3. Is Pepto safe?
4. When do I get info on the classes?

I’m sure I’ll think of more. I know I have, I just didn’t write them dawn which was a mistake since my memory is totally shot being pregnant.

I’m feeling a lot of anxiety right now. I think I will go get a drink at the deli to take a mental break.

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