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Tuesday, Jun 14 2005

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Phew. Work is rough right now. One thing I hope very much for my baby is that I can either teach him or her (or he/she can learn on his/her own) how to effectively stand up for themelves, their work, their beliefs, etc. Its a skill that I am learning but am no where near profficient at. Far too often it is more comfortable for me to be unhappy/miserable/mad than for me to risk making someone else feel that way, no matter how justified. I imagine the best way to teach this skill is to exhibit it, so I will work on that going forward. Its hard to be rational with irrational/emotional/just-plain-mean people, though - and what i mean is that it is ineffective to be rational with those types of people as they do not respond to rationality or facts or helpful suggestions.


S and I have been joking about filling my voids. I have been announcing to him the use of ice cream, of late, to address my emotional voids, but giving that up for a few days means dealing with the voids. And of course, S offers to fill my voids - dirty, dirty, dirty man. :) Anyway, I'm eating chocolate right now and thinking about much I love it. Chocolate, I mean. Well, and my husband, of course.


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