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Thursday, Jun 23 2005

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I continue to be just innundated at work. Its insane. Tomorrow is my big meeting to propose going part-time. Please let it go well.

S and I finally had a great talk about the way I've been feeling about not being a contributor to our household and it was very load-off-the-chesting. I explained how I felt, he explained how much he valued me working right now, that he will do whatever we need to to make ends meet when I go part time. That he is very willing to be more of a team vs individual when it comes to finances. Its was a great conversation and makes me love him so much when he can meet me half way and unknowingly reassure me about a 1,000 things.

Bobbie, S's mom, is coming into town tomorrow, probably right when we're finding out what the walnut is! Agh! I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait.

We put an offer in on some lake front land in WI and it was accepted. It is a STEAL and could be an incredible investment. If nothing else, it'll be a wonderful place to swim, boat, fish, and camp.

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