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Sunday, Jun 26 2005

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Quick entry. S's mom is staying with us and is, of course, using the guest/computer room so I don't want to monopolize it. And we're going for a walk in minute.

It was good to have her here - she isn't very touchy-feely and can be a bit abrupt so its a bit of an adjustment, but she loves S and I and that is what matters. It makes me very anxious to see my family. Very.

We're still getting used to the idea of our baby boy and thinking about some about names. Nothing specific beyond the initial thoughts of using my name, Ziebell, as a middle name. I think when we do decide on a name, we'll wait to share until the baby is born.

I'm looking forward to being at work tomorrow - that seems a bit odd/sad.

(no journal bumping intended - just getting interrupted).

I guess ideally it wouldn't be odd/sad to look forward to going to work, but I think even when you love your work, the weekends should be hard to leave. Oh well. Chalk it up to having a house guest, liking my work right now, being a bit mentally hyper (if not physically), etc.

I would like to try to get to gym some this week. I need to help my back bear my weight.

Okay - need to run.

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