LYNNABEL's Jul 2005 CalorieKing Blog

Sunday, July 31st 2005

We came back from camping today. It was a nice trip - we were worried for a bit on Friday because the campsite we went to last time was full and we didn't have a back up fan. We ended up finding another public campsite - Chequamegon National Forest - and it ended up being lovely. We didn't have a private beach but we had access to the beach and there were people there only once when we took Ripple down. It was warm enough in the shallow part that I was able to get all the way under and it felt w...

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Tuesday, July 26th 2005

Anxious today. Very anxious. I didn’t walk this morning because I was so tired last night and we plan to take a long walk this evening with Ripple. Could there be a link or is it coincidence? I don’t know. I know I have an unsettled feeling so perhaps a walk is worth it no matter how tired I am or what other activities are planned.

Am feeling a bit dumped on and unappreciated at work yesterday and today. Its cool out – much cooler than its been the last month or so. And a bit overcast. A...

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Monday, July 25th 2005

I am having a hard time keeping my lunch calories in line. I'm usually fine at dinner (when I'm hungry - I haven't been in the evenings lately) but I'm eating about 200-300 too much at lunch. This is, of course, because I've been eating lunch out and not bringing it. I think I'll make that my goal for next week - to start bringing my lunch again.

Its strange - even though I'm really enjoying my new morning walks with Ripple and minor weight work, I still find myself thinking,"Well, re...

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Sunday, July 24th 2005

I have gained 26 lbs since getting pregnant. If I gain 1 lb per week the rest of the way out, I will have gained on 5 pounds more than the upper range of the recommended level. So, what the hell is my OB freaking out about?!?! And, most likely, I will won't gain anything during the last several weeks, which happens to many women.

I am home alone today and I'm enjoying is so far. I need to do some cleaning and orgnaizing to make me feel like I can enjoy the rest of my evening, so I need to ...

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Friday, July 22nd 2005

My walk went well this morning – I wore my larger tennis shoes and they worked well. I’ll use those until my feet aren’t swollen any longer. Ripple watched me very closely as I was getting ready to see if I put shoes on and when I did, her tail started to wag furiously and she began to jump around, knowing we were going for a walk. I did some lunges afterwards that made my legs feel like jelly. I’m really glad that I’ve done 3 out 4 mornings this week. Way to go, me.

I had two really g...

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