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Monday, Jul 25 2005

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I am having a hard time keeping my lunch calories in line. I'm usually fine at dinner (when I'm hungry - I haven't been in the evenings lately) but I'm eating about 200-300 too much at lunch. This is, of course, because I've been eating lunch out and not bringing it. I think I'll make that my goal for next week - to start bringing my lunch again.

Its strange - even though I'm really enjoying my new morning walks with Ripple and minor weight work, I still find myself thinking,"Well, really, what's the point? So you do this until the baby is born and if you are lucky you can start walking again a few weeks after the baby is born. If you're not lucky, it'll be at least 6 weeks before you can exercise to any degree. By then all the good you did will be lost." This is very strange for me - very uncharacteristic. I'm not sure what its about. I realize I'm not going to win any fitness or beauty contests with a 30 minute walk and a few arm and leg weights, but really - its hardly nothing. So why am I trying to sabotage myself? I don't understand. Is it biological? I've honestly never talked to myself that way so I'm at a loss. Mmm. I guess the important thing is continue what I'm doing. The one nice thing about being so heavy right now is that I burn way more calories in 30 minutes than I used to!

We are going camping next weekend and I'm anxiously waiting for the following weekend when I'll get to see my parents. As each milestone ticks by the time for the baby comes closer and closer. My parents visiting, then the gals, then Steph, and then Tessa's wedding....

I love my baby so much already. But I worry that I'm not thinking about him consciously enough. I'm aware of him much of the time, but its a removed sort of awareness. There is still this conceptual gap between the idea of him and reality of him. My little baby boy.

Talked to M for a long time yesterday and loved it. She is due any day. I love having her to talk to.


I'm not Catholic so I get to be unambivilently glad about this - several women were ordained as priests and deacons on a river between Canada and US. I didn't realize that other women had tried this in Europe and were ex-communicated for it. Women just have SO much to offer - I wish all faith groups would recongize their gifts and give them/us a seat at the table. Many have and do, but many still don't. So - go Catholic women on the river! I'm impressed with their courage and conviction. We have a college here in the Twin Cities called St. Catherine's and the nuns at this college were very early and advant guarde feminists - they still are leading edge in the Catholic community here in the MN from a feminist perspective. I wonder what they think of this.

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