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Thursday, July 21st 2005

Went for my walk this morning - it went well. My tennis shoes gave me blisters which is an indication, in part, of how infrequently I've worn them over the last month. My feet are shaped differently now, too, though, and the shoes were never very good to begin with. Ripple seems to enjoy it which makes me happy. I've been much better about logging food the last three days. I'm about 100-300 over what I thought I was at, so this is good reminder of how, no matter how long you've been doing this, ...

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Tuesday, July 19th 2005

Just finished my walk with Ripple and some very mild morning weights. It felt wonderful. Better shoe choice tomorrow, but this may just work!


Last night I asked S about working on the bed. He was only too happy to agree. So, there's my ask/state my need/want for yesterday.

It was freezing last night - incredible the swings in temperature we get here in MN.

Monday, July 18th 2005

Well, joy may not come in the morning, but a bit of calm, at least. I feel drained. I cried myself to sleep to and woke up with puffy eyes. I get so angry when I feel that way - angry at S, angry at myself, at the world. Its never seriously occurred to me before that I might have anger management issues, but perhaps I do. The thing, though, is that I rarely take this anger out on anyone else, so it only ends up hurting me. Which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. :) I think the...

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Sunday, July 17th 2005

I had a thought the other day that I wanted to write down to see if it held. S mentioned that he read somewhere that the woman race driver, Danica Something, who is having such a good racing season had been offered millions to pose for Playboy. I thought about it. I several reactions - one being, good lord, can't a woman do anything without being asked to get naked? And then I thought - no, wait - why can't or shouldn't she show/use/explore/exploit her sexuality? Its hers, after all. What bother...

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Friday, July 15th 2005

It is just before six. Tibby woke me up at the usual 5:30am and I couldn't get back to sleep. My back is hurting again this morning. I'm paranoid about every twinge being a contraction now from my appointment yesterday. I guess this was the appointment they tell you to watch out for pre term labor because everyone asked if I had had any contractions. I said that I didn't think so but since I didn't know what they felt like, it was hard to say. I described the stretchy cramps and the back pain bu...

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