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Thursday, Aug 25 2005

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This week has been very disruptive - turmoil at work, S wanting to move practically next week, dinner guests on Tuesday, didn't get home from work until about 7:45 last night, and we have a concert tonight. Then Friday, then Steph comes. I should be very happy about most of this, but I sobbed and sobbed last night - racking sobs that S could hear over the high-volume white noise fan we use. Don't groan - I do remember my resolve not to overanalyze these crying episodes. I just feel off. Just plain off. Crying that hard ended up helping me sleep, which is good. But I should have showered last night and didn't so I didn't walk this morning and showered instead. Why mention this? Because this is what is making me feel like time/life/things are slipping past me and I can't seem to get a good grasp. Its mostly small things, but very bothersome. I realized that I haven't washed my shower towels in ages - not on purpose, just haven't even thought about it. I can't remember the last time I swept the house. I don't have time to just be, to just sit and be. Actually, I don't think that's true. I'm not making time. And I know how I'm not making time but I'm not entirely sure how to address it.


I'm so incredibly honored/flattered by the offer that is being made to me career-wise. Regardless of what I decide, this has been by FAR the most rewarding position I've had. Its incredible to have a manager who has both first hand experience with being a working-outside-the-home-mother and is able to acknowledge my concerns so compassionately.

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