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Tuesday, August 16th 2005

Took my walk this morning, but am feeling very slow physically - kind of drained, maybe. I don't know why, exactly. I haven't been sleepy very well. That could be part of it. I may need more protein. Well, I do. I'm having a hard time getting myself to log regularly. Part of it is that work is so busy and if I eat something that I don't have saved in "my foods" or that I know isn't in the main database, I end up not logging because I assume it'll take too long to figure it out. That's ...

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Monday, August 15th 2005

Wonderful walk this morning, although getting out of bed was a bit of a selling job for me on myself. It helped that Ripple's head shot up and she watched me every single second from the when the alarm went off until we actually were outside walking. It helps to know how much she enjoys our mornings. I did one more lunge on either side today. I'm taking any ramping up very slowly. I'm doing 2 reps of 10 with the leg weights, and then 2 reps of 12 lunges on both sides. That seems like plenty righ...

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Saturday, August 13th 2005

159 today. Not too bad - I had been gaining about 4 pounds per month for a while now, and this last month it was only 3. Perhaps my gaining is slowing a bit. Either way, that makes 29 pounds gained so far, and I'm just finishing week 28. If I can stay at no more than 1 lb per week from here on out, I'll be more than fine. Especially since the weight gain seems to stagnate during the last 3-4 weeks. We'll see. Either way, I won't be over 40lb gained, I don't think, which is just fine. 5 lbs per m...

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Friday, August 12th 2005

Work has been crazy this week - no CK time or journal time.

My dad made me cry on the phone last night. He told me very casually that his hands had been shaking so badly that he couldn\'t write at times so he went to the doctor who drew blood. The results were in when he got home and it doesn\'t appear to be anything physical or neurological. Apparently they figured out that it is anxiety based. It broke my heart to think of my father even a little anxious, much less to the point of shaking...

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Tuesday, August 9th 2005

Am feeling the need for a retreat into my journal.

My family left this morning. It was wonderful to have them here.

But. I downloaded my pictures from my camera to the computer and I am crying about how I look. I don't understand why the camera has such an effect on me. I feel beautiful and glow-y when I'm in my own skin, but when I see the way a picture captures me it makes me cry. I look so awful in pictures. I'm upset both because I look fat and awful to myself but also because it a...

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