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Tuesday, Sep 27 2005

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We walked for a bit longer today - 25 minutes. Our streets and sidewalks are being redone so its a bit of an obstacle course. Its getting pretty cool now in the mornings.

I started logging my food again - it was pretty funny that the first day I do this I eat a donut and Taco Bello and ice cream. Doesn't look very healthy, does it? I want to be in some kind of shape/pracitce to log/track religiously after the baby is born. This has been a great break for me, but I'm itching to get back to my pre-pregnancy routine.

I slept really, really well last night. Straight from 11 to 4 without any aches or pains. Then I dozed and dreamed from 4 to 6:30 - this is becoming pretty routine. As long as the 11 to 4 strech is restful, I'm pretty good to go.

I scheduled a massage for myself - finally - and a pedicure. I can't wait.

I think I need to push things along at work. I need some action and a decision sooner rather than later.

Off to the salt mines.


Well, this is interesting. I'm not sure why I'm surprised, except that I am.

I've been very upfront with myself about my less than stellar eating habits. I'm weighing myself. Except. How up front can you be when you aren't logging? Not totally. So, the past two days I've logged and it isn't very good. My fat and carb percentages are way off the charts and I'm under on protein. I know my body is a bit foreign to me right now, but even so, it is not happy - I am not happy - with the extra weight that isn't walnut. I have back fat rolls and cellulite all over my legs. In fact, my belly is the prettiest thing about me right now and its HUGE. :)

That said, I'm a bit hesitant to decide what to do. I could a) drastically clean up my eating b) semi-adjust my eating or c) continue as is until after the baby is born.

The pros/cons are:

a) drastically clean up my eating
-Get back into practice of eating well so post baby it won't be such a transition.
-Keep further unnecessary weight gain to a minimum.
-back into my old clothes sooner.
-better nutrients to the baby (although I am confident baby is getting what he needs. I just don't think I am)
-Only I can know that I truly mean this and that it is not a convenient cope out - I just DON'T feel like it. I don't feel like eating well. Period.
-I'm hungry and truly, right now, food is my ONLY outlet. And my brain is on a rampage - it won't be quiet. Ever.

b) semi-adjust my eating
-Get back into practice of eating halfway well so post baby it won't be such a transition.
-Keep further unnecessary weight gain to several pounds
-Its hard for me to do anything part way - I'm very much an all or nothing kinda gal. So, eating semi-well is much harder for me than eating completely well or completely poorly.

c) continue as is until after the baby is born.
-Status quo. Don't have to change anything right now.
-Its my release.
-Additional unnecessary weight gain.
-Will be harder to get back to eating well post baby.
-Macros are way off.
-More weight to lose post baby.
-I don't feel good about myself.

The thing is - I should have held this conversation with myself at least a month or more ago. I "only" have 5.5 weeks until my due date. Will doing anything at this point really matter? Of course it will.

I think it clear that continuing as I am isn't in either my best interest or the baby's. So - a or b?

The problem is usually lunch at work. I know that I can do better at lunches. I can add vegetables or more vegetables to nearly everything I am eating at lunch. A huge chef salad would be better than Taco Bell, even if the cals are the same. I don't think I can cut back too much on lunch because I am so very hungry at that time of day, but I can eat better calories. Why don't I start there? I'll work on that tomorrow through Friday and see how things go. I can adjust from there if I need to.

I will need additional focus/though about this I can tell. To make it real.

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