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Tuesday, September 20th 2005

I'm behind this morning.

I fell asleep on my hands and they were numb when the alarm went off so I couldn't flip off the switch - talk about motor skills issues. It was alarming and funny at the same time, as I pawed away at the clock hoping to flip something to make it SHUT UP. Eventually I had to use my pinky finger - the only non-numb one.

On our walk this morning, Ripple and I (well, probably just me) these beautiful blue flowers on a trellace arch over someone's front walk way. I'...

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Monday, September 19th 2005

I'm sitting at the computer in my bra and sweat pants. With this GINORMOUS belly hanging out there for the world (ie the cats and Ripple) to see. Its 69 degrees outside and I'm hot. We just got back from our walk and I've got some coffee and a few minutes before I need to get going. Walnut is growing and stretching me so that I'm getting little burst blood vessels on my stomach - nothing too unsightly, but it reminds that I'm not making up the feeling of being stretched from the inside.


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Thursday, September 15th 2005

I don't think I should journal - just because I'm awake early and have time doesn't mean I need to. I'm feeling very "on the brink" since I'm tired and sore and writing about it will only push me over I think.

I just need to slog through my day today and make it to this evening when I can try to sleep again.

I have two major projects due at work today and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed there. I try to look at this as a learning opportunity for when I need to actually balance ...

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Tuesday, September 13th 2005

I slept! I slept! And I slept after some sweet, loving, make-up hugs and kisses with my husband. All is well today in Lynnland.

Monday, September 12th 2005

An email to my sister yesterday:

"Hi Stephie -

I'm feeling a bit panicky - so I thought I'd write you an email to get my feelings out.

So - S and I talked late yesterday afternoon and after several prods on my part he told me that he has been closet smoking and has been trying to quit - hence the perception of irritability that I was reading. I was glad he told me and honestly not upset about it. It helped to know he was going through that. I then told him I thought maybe h...

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