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Tuesday, Oct 18 2005

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4:02 am. Can't sleep again. Is this nature's way of preparing me for night feedings?

Had the special meeting with HR yesterday to review the '06 health care benefits since I may be out by the time the benefits meetings are held. In the space of 2 weeks (10/31 to 11/11) I need to get the baby on my current coverage and get disability leave as well as register all of us for next year. Not really want I want to do during my first week or so as a new mom, least I have health insurance. I need to count my blessings.

I haven't had a crying/panic episode in quite a while. In fact, S and I have been laughing a lot lately. We had such fun this weekend planning/dreaming about our next home. I think we'll pursue buying land and building. Not something I'd really ever considered before, but so wonderful to think about.

I think it will be very good for me to be gone from a work for a while. I'm so mentally wrapped up in it that it is very hard for me not think about it all the time at home or dream about it. And that's too much. And I'm not thinking about the actual projects I'm working on, I'm thinking about my working relationships. And that is just draining right now.

I want to reach out to people and tell them how much I love and value them, but I haven't been very good about that lately.

Staci - I'm sorry anyone would send you a message that deflates you. I think you are one of the most energizing and affirming people I know. Gifted, intelligent, and open.

Amy - I hope you are well. I took out the Packers outfit you sent me the other day and can't wait to dress Walnut in it!

Courtney - I love reading about your daily life and how rich/full it is. I learn something all the time from your spirit and your health journey.

Jay - Thank you for the health summaries, and your insightful personal emails - I feel like we share many things and that I've known you for a long time.

Patti - It just makes me smile to think of you and Josie in AZ being the hot divas that you are.

Alicia - I miss our chats. Life has gotten away from us but I think about you far more often than you know.

Jennie - Thank God for funny, extremely intelligent women like you.

Callie, Jo, Steph, JC, Michelle, Crystal - THANK YOU for your mommy-wisdom and sharing your experiences with me. I love reading our threads and your journals.

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