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Friday, Nov 18 2005

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Its Friday. I keep having to remind myself what day of the week it is since I don't have work to tell me!

Will is doing well - yesterday he spent lots of time on his tummy (from what I understand, all babies are now supposed to sleep on their backs because of SIDS so they need to have "tummy time" to compensate for that. I have to laugh a bit, because we put Joel to bed on his tummy all the time. Oh well.) He is looking around and registering sounds and lifting his head up. His BMs seem to be on a bit more of a regular schedule - early mornings now, which means S has to deal with them. I get a "blow by blow" when I get up. :) S has great instincts when it comes to Will and I'm learning things from him that work. Will and I used the Baby Bjorn yesterday and he seemed to love it.

Colic is such a general term and probably overused now, but Will does seem to have it occaisionally in the evenings. We're making a concerted effort to be very clean about our bottles and the pump to make sure that isn't affecting him.

Last night he didn't sleep much - or, he did, but he woke up often. And I couldn't go back to sleep between feedings, which is unusual. My mind wouldn't stop.

Will had his first real bath yesterday and we only got one picture and it was after he was dressed. :( You should ALWAYS have pictures of the first bath - I'll have to cheat and take some next time.

Speaking of pictures - I'm really torn about Will's pictures - for all the wrong reasons. Namely, me. And how fat I am right now. I don't feel fat (because, after all, I'm almost 20 lbs light than before he was born and that feels downright trim) but I do most certainly look fat in the pictures we've taken so far. I don't want to a) not be in some of his pictures and/but b) get all worked up about how I look.

My stomach hurts - and I can't tell if its more menstrual-like cramps or digestive. Either way, I don't feel that great. I think I will go on the Elipse for my tiny little bit and then do my hair so I feel like a real person.

Lori emailed me last week to give her a call at work when I had a chance. I did, left a message, and haven't heard back. Seems strange to me.

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