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Saturday, Nov 19 2005

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Its 5:19am. Will has been up 3 times already. No fussing or extended awake periods the last two days, but this is the price. He is so precious, though. When he falls asleep, his practice grins are just so breath-taking. S and I can't believe how strong he is - he is holding his head up so well, and when we put him on his elephant mat for tummy time, he came so close to turning over because he'd gotten himself propped up on his arms and knees. Obviously this was an accident, but he showed such coordination. I ordered a black and white contrast baby book from and can't wait for Will to see it.

I'm bleeding more heavily the last day or so - and I definitely have cramps. I can't decide if I should be amazed that a woman's body can produce a baby with this "little" discomfort (which, truth be told, is not minor at all when you count the 9 months of pregnancy, the actual labor and birth, and recovery) or to add this to the list of things that I know I will forget but that are very real. I am worried that my little jaunts on the elipse are making me bleed more heavily, but I'm just not convinced of that enough to stop. Its hardly excessive, anyway - 8 minutes yesterday. I won't do much more than that, though.

I made pot stickers last night - from a recipe from the Alton Brown show "Good Eats." They were really good, if a tad salty. We watched part of Titanic. I've never seen that movie all the way through. I had an Amstel Light. Mmm.

I have a fun December coming up - Stephie comes the first weekend, we go to the resort for S's work the second weekend and then we go to OKC for Christmas. Then after that to AZ to see his family, and hopefully to Chicago to see my girlfriends.

I'm going to take Will into our room now and try to get some more sleep.

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