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Tuesday, Nov 22 2005

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5:22am. Waiting for Will to go back to sleep. It may not happen - he slept from 10pm to 1am and again from 1:30am to 4:40am. For him, that's considered a stretch. For me, not so much. :)

God, I have such a rough time in the late afternoon/early evenings - its like a fog descends on me - but that makes it sound benign and its not. And then it lifts and I'm more than fine. When my head is clear and above water I am trying to think of activities I can do during that down time because I can't think of anything while I'm in them. I'm going to monitor these "episodes" more and then talk to my doctor about them. I may go back to Wellbutrin which worked so well when I was taking it to help quit smoking. I'll be more and more active with working out over the next several weeks so I'll also know if that makes a difference.

Debating whether to pump now or later. Hmmm. Later. No, now.

Today is our ECFE group - am looking forward to it.

Last night while laying on S's stomach, Will lifted his head and shoulders up for more than a minute and looked around. Its so amazing to see his skill set grow. His eyes can roughly follow us a bit now and I can just see him listening to things sometimes - things he can't see but can hear - the dog, the cats, S coming in the door or going up/down stairs. He is fixating on bright lights right now. HIs hands want to connect with the bottle, but often times he pushes it away without meaning to and then gets frustrated. I tell him how coordinated and clever he is and that soon his hands will help him.

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