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Tuesday, Nov 29 2005

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I went to my family ed class today again and loved it. I am enjoying many of the other mothers - most of whom will have to go back to work so I'm hoping we can continue to network/connect. Some of us are going to meet for lunch before next week's class/meeting.

I had to laugh, though, today because at least 80% of what we talked about was baby gas and poops. One woman told us about her 12 week old daughter projectile pooping all over her husband, wall, and bed. Yes - I said projectile POOPING. Isn't that hilarious? We were laughing so hard. Baby poop in a diaper is gross. Baby poop all over you is even grosser. Baby poop all over someone else is fuhn-nee.

The elipse felt good today - I think my body is finally returning to is former self a bit so moving feels good. I'm up to 13 minutes.

S has been sad yesterday and today - he calls it being "blue" when I can get him to talk at all - he says he doesn't know why. Its amazing how much of a panic him being sad sends me into - its as if I'm the only one "allowed" to periodically disintegrate. He sure isn't, if you ask me.

My sister flies in on Friday - I can't wait. And, I'm going to take Will to work to show him off on Thursday!

Knock on wood, I feel much more even keeled this week so far.

Oh - and guess what?! I'm going to have SUSHI this weekend. I can't wait - its been so long.

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