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Saturday, November 12th 2005

Its 1:55am. William is up for his early morning feeding. He is in his little chair eating. I'm doing what no parent should do - propping the bottle up so I can have my hands free. I make a point not to do this during the day, so I don't feel (too) guilty about it at night. Apparenlty motherhood comes with a perma-feeling of guilt.

Possible TMI to follow so beware.

Am feeling very sexual ( :hi: Patti and Jay). Isn't that interesting? I even had a sleeping orgasm last night. S is VERY inter...

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Friday, November 11th 2005

Two quick seconds to update.

Am very sleepy right now, but don't want to nap, oddly enough. Its become so important to me to have something to look forward to each day, and today's activity is making Chex Mix with S. We went for walk in the park today with Will and Ripple and it went pretty well. The stroller is a bit cumbersome, but it will do for now. I'm not crazy about the car seat - it sits Will too upright for his little neck. If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten our own ...

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Thursday, November 10th 2005

Everything is becoming a blur, so I need to write this before any more slips away.

On Sunday evening (October 30th), we went to John and Leah’s house for dinner. On the way there, I felt a cramping similar to a menstrual cramp accompanied by the “winded-flushed-face” feeling I had been having, which I was finally able to identify as a contraction. I felt several more through dinner and on the way home there were two 20 minutes apart that were strong. (I must quality that – they felt str...

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