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Thursday, Dec 1 2005

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Current nicknames for Will:

Stinky-pants/baby/butt (and all variations thereof)
Snicker-snack (Steve's)

Current made-up song:

"Little William is so sweet, I could kiss his tiny feet.
Little William is so cute, and we wish that he would poop.
Little William is so smart, and it smells bad when he farts (it does - this little baby can clear a room),
Little William is so good, and we love him like we should.
Little William is so strong, I could hug him all day long."

He in my arms right now - eyes alternately closed and wide, wide open, having his bottle. I just don't think he could be cuter or more precious if he tried. I swear he smiled at me today - several times. I swear it was a real smile, in response to me. He's getting so big - holding his head up so well. His tiny nostrils aren't so tiny any more. Oh, and the back his neck. I could kiss it all day long. He is laughing in his sleep now and making so many new noises. He kicks his legs out a lot and keeps them locked for several seconds and its so cute b/c he actually has pretty skinny legs so they look pretty funny separated by a big diaper. When he gets his legs pumping they really go. Probably a good workout.

He pooped today! I remember reading in Jocelyn's blog that she never thought she would be so into someone else's poop. I concur. I would happy with every other day as long as it doesn't seem to be hurting him.

Went to the gym today and it felt so good to move. Nothing major, but it felt good - 15 minutes on the stair master, 15 minutes of weights. My plan is to get back in shape as best I can before going back to work so that I can maintain once at work since I'll have so little time. In fact, I'll be lucky if I can get in 15-20 minutes on the Elipse and a few weights each day once I'm back at work. S did set up the big TV in the basement with a VCR that works so I can do tapes there. In fact, I have a yoga tape I need to try tomorrow before it goes back to the library. I do need to get a DVD player down there too. And we need to look at a weight machine of sorts. We're only going to have the gym membership through March.

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