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Thursday, Dec 15 2005

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12:51 am

Will's little hands break my heart sometimes - they're so vulnerable in their gestures and such a barometer of how he's feeling. Clenching and relaxing, waving and pausing, curling and flopping and resting.

He's getting a tad pudgy - its very cute. His little legs are rounding out a bit. I love when he sticks them out straight - like little boards and grunts. Except he can't quite get them straight b/c of all the diaper bunched up between them.

He's getting dimples above his lips and below his nose - so sweet.

I just tried to put him in his crib with his eyes open. So far lots of movement and grunts, but no crying yet. Oops, a few squeaks. Patience, Lynn. Oh - he just farted. Grunts subsiding a bit. Hmmm. Should I peak? I still can hear him breathing and moving, so no sleep yet. Patience.

My son farts more than I thought it was possible for a human being to fart - let alone such a small human being.

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