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Wednesday, Dec 21 2005

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Will has taken to loud "talking" and grunting in his sleep, which is very hard for me to ignore at night. I am awakened, lay there trying to judge what his talking and grunts are saying (dreaming, learning, pooping, boredom, hunger, etc.) and then I end up getting up, waking him up regardless of what he meant, and feeding him. I wish I could sleep through the conversation until it gets to the point that it requires my input.

Did you know babies learn in their sleep? Studies have shown that if a story is played/read to sleeping babies, they retain the words from the story and recognize them when they hear those words when awake.

I am thankful for the Pennsylvania ruling today - not because I don't think there is intelligent design in the universe (I do), but b/c I don't think it belongs in science classes. At least not yet. Maybe it will someday. I think it belongs in history or social studies. I don't understand why the religious right thinks this is somehow anti-God or why a separation of religion and science is a such a horrible thing. Separation does not mean less validity in terms of human experience. I worry that we are living in an age of increasing irrationality - religious zealots are such a huge part of our world right now. I don't understand why anyone would assume they know God's will or mind. Perhaps through prayer you undestand God's will for your life, but I don't think you get to understand his will for humanity at large, so speaking or acting as if you do is the height of arrogance.

S is reading "Truth" by Al Franken and keeps telling me he can't wait for me to read it. He says that it is making him feeling encouraged and positive.

Guess what?! Will has cradle cap. I feel like such a lame mother. I had heard of cradle cap, but didn't realize it was preventable by daily brushing of his hair, such as it is. So, I was trying to apply lotion to the bumps on his head thinking they were dry skin which was only making it worse. Thanks to my mommy and baby group today I discovered what it was and how to prevent it.

In other fascinating news, Will pooped 3 times today. He also spent more time smiling today than I've ever seen him do yet. Coincidence? Not if he has his daddy's sense of humor. :)

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