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Sunday, Jan 29 2006

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My "free" day yesterday was a bit too free. Its so easy to underestimate one's calories. Looks like I need to keep an eye on things on my free days.

Whether that's to blame for today being especially hard, I don't know. What I do know is that having a routine and going to work goes a long day towards distracting me from food. Today I'm home alone with Will while Steve does an open house. I've been up with Will since 5:45 - so that means a long time between breakfast and lunch. But - I had lots of protein for lunch, so hopefully my afternoon is a bit better.

I think that adreneline sustained me for 3 months - now that I can sleep through the night (b/c S is doing the 2am-ish feeding) my body has finally let me actually feel how tired I am.

I loving having my attention span back - but it means that I get engrossed in a book and almost, almost resent anything that takes me away from it. Which is problem.

I think when Steve gets home, I'll either go to the gym to use the hot tub, or take a long bath.

Okay - I'm going to try to enrich my baby's mind with music and books.

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