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Saturday, January 21st 2006

Checkin today. No loss. Again. Sigh. Slight variations up and down in measurements so no major progress there either.

Keep on keeping on.

I'm going to take a nap.

I love my husband.

Wednesday, January 18th 2006

I don't want to journal. Isn't that strange? So, I won't. I guess. Maybe a little.

Am hoping very fiercely that:

*My medication helps - I keep realizing that I've been worse than I thought I was;

*I learn to focus outwards when appropriate (I have it absolutely backwards - I'm focused outwards when I shouldn't be and inwards when I should be looking outside - trust me on this, I know)

*My weight loss plateau breaks; my body begins to heal from the stress/fatigue of the last ...

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Sunday, January 15th 2006

I got back from Chicago about 1.5 hours ago. Will is beside me, eating, and getting ready to sleep. I've been snuggling him as much as he'll let me. I can't believe how different he looks in just a few days. His eyes and hands seem huge to me. I've gotten several smiles out of him, which releives me, for some reason. Because it means he forgives me for being gone?

This morning I could tell I'm on a "down slope" - a dip - so I'm very thankful I have an appointment tomorrow with my ...

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Wednesday, January 11th 2006

I'm feeding Will right now and he looks like a drunk turtle - stretching his neck and rolling his eyes. Its making me laugh. What a sweetie.

Long talk with S last night - some of it good and some of it enlightening. Certain parts of our relationship that I thought were really good are not for him. We need to work on some things.

I need this break so desperately - if I could do it (rejuvinate, sleep, get away) with Will, I would, but since I can't really do those things with him I need...

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Wednesday, January 4th 2006

Its 3:43am. Will actually slept from 10:30 until 3:30 - 5 hours, which isn't bad. I, of course, couldn't sleep that whole time - I simply can't imagine sleeping 8 hours in a row. Its mystiying to me that its even possible - that, in fact, some people do it every night.

Will has such long eye lashes. I remember when he barely had any.

We had his 2 month appointment today - which means he had his first sets of shots. He cried so hard but then fell asleep so I ended up going to our baby/...

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