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Saturday, Feb 11 2006

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I wish I had more time to be part of this community and the others on line that I value so much ( :hi: campers) - I think about everyone often, but work is extremely busy and when I'm home, I'm with Will.

I have a moment right because I'm going to shower before S goes out to play racket ball.

I'm down another 2 lbs - yipee! This was a bit unexpected as this week wasn't perfect. I missed two morning workouts and my cals, which I've been bad about actually getting them logged into CK (I know what they are) were closer to 1300/day than 1200. I have to think that the Welbutrin is helpful in that department as it just elevates my energy level and mood.

This weekend promises to be good. We're having dinner with Charlie and Sue and little Charlotte, and I'm going to go to some second hand kids shops to see if I can find some toys for Will.

Work is going so well. I'm so pleased.

Perhaps more later if I can squeeze it in. Having a baby tends to fill one's schedule.

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