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Monday, Mar 13 2006

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I finally have a moment to write in here, and I don't really want to. Strange, huh? Sometimes I think that the more authentically I live my life (and I hate that Dr. Phil has his prints all over that phrase) the less need I have to journal. The more honest I am in all areas, the less I need this one outlet as a vent. That's not to say I shouldn't journal unless I'm venting - it may just need to take on a different meaning.

I couldn't go to work today - the roads were just too dangerous. And that' saying a lot here in MN, where no snow storm is too dangerous. This one was. Of course, not being at work causes me all kinds of anxiety about the amount of work piling up. The emotional struggles that I have are about work. In certain moments I absolutely love it. In other moments, I'm terrified. There is just no barrier between me/my department and the biggest executives in the company. I'm just not self confident enough yet for that not to scare me. And I get frustrated easily and am not good at hiding my frustration - so I end up worrying about what damage I may be doing myself. I need to slow down, calm down about work. There is no way SB and I can get it all done, so we need to just do the best we can with what we can work on.

No loss this week - I'm a bit surprised, but it means I just need to focus this week. Good start so far. Saturday is my "free" day and Sunday was relatively well-behaved (1400). Today is right on, with room for a treat later on. If there is no loss this next week, then I need to be very strict again.

I am very aware that if I were a SAHM I would have a much harder time losing weight - focusing on work is what curbs my appetite. Today was hard in that department.

Will is well. Aside from having ring worm. Isn't that awful? Apparently it happens in households with pets fairly often. Still - S and I feel sick about it. So we joke about, otherwise we'd cry.

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