LYNNABEL's Jul 2006 CalorieKing Blog

Tuesday, July 25th 2006

One thing, among many, that has taken me a while to get used to about being a mother is that I can't plan much. It sounds piddly, or oversimplistic, but you never realize how for granted you take the random thoughts like "I want to journal more" before you have a baby - before Will, I knew that if I did journal more it would be because of a choice to prioritze my day in a way that allowed for it. Now - I can't even make that assumption - ie that my day is prioritizable. Its not. Will c...

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Sunday, July 9th 2006

134 - I didn't expect it, so I was very pleased. My waist measurement is finally under 30 after 9 months of pregnancy and 8 months of post-pregnancy...17 months. Yikes. No wonder women have trouble "getting their figure back" - by the time the pregnancy is over and weight gone, its literally been 1.5 years, a long time in "weight" years.

Yesterday was my off day, and I didn't log - I estimate approx. 2000.

Today is my challenging day. We're going to brats and corn t...

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Thursday, July 6th 2006

So - remember my ranting about my pregnancy weightthat wouldn't budge? Well, all but 5lbs of it has come off. Which is wonderful.

But - (there has to be one, right?) - I'm TONS less muscular than my 135 prior to Will, and I feel/sense that if I don't get the last 5 off before I get pregnant again (which makes me want to hurl to think about right at this moment) it won't ever come off.

At different points of this process of losing (both prior to and after Will), different things have be...

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