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Tuesday, Jul 25 2006

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One thing, among many, that has taken me a while to get used to about being a mother is that I can't plan much. It sounds piddly, or oversimplistic, but you never realize how for granted you take the random thoughts like "I want to journal more" before you have a baby - before Will, I knew that if I did journal more it would be because of a choice to prioritze my day in a way that allowed for it. Now - I can't even make that assumption - ie that my day is prioritizable. Its not. Will comes first. Some days I handle that more gracefully than others. I am still working on accepting and embracing the fact that I am not June Cleaver. I may be her antithesis.

My new favorite website/activist group is MomsRising. VERY apropos of my life.

Work is nuts. My most favorite co worker/co manager to date will be leaving my company. I'm sad and energized at the same time b/c it means I'll take over sole leadership of our team. There is lots of potential there. But even more work.

My weight is un-encouraging. Can't seem to follow the guidelines I set for myself several weeks ago. Weekends are really, really, tough for me. More than they ever have been. Working out is going only semi-well due to Will's unpredictability at sleeping.

I think S and I have planned our next child. :) Funny how I can write that in the same breath that I write about the kinks Will has thrown into my life. I figure, if S is willing to deal with me pregnant again (he's the one that initated the let's-plan-our-next-child discussion), I can probably survive another pregnancy although I'm willing to go on record with that statement yet. :) I think I'll go off b/c next February. Let's hope I am finally down to 130 before then - or what? I don't know - disaster/doom/drama.

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