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Friday, Aug 31 2007 - I'm learning...

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Its only taken 32 years, but I'm finally learning that my moods are just that. Moods. It is a tremendous relief to truly, finally, believe that. I've always wanted to believe that, but have always, always doubted it. Meaning - I used to think (read believe completely/profoundly) that what I feel is an indication of everything about me and my life and the universe. Had I known this before, I might have saved myself (and others) some (okay, massive amounts of) grief. I think I feel a bit like a recovering adict who sudden realizes the harm they've done. I'm being a bit tongue-in-cheek but not completely. Yikes.

Steve just took Will and Ripple to the park. I am going to go take a bath. And try to manage my mood as such.

A funny story: One of my employees is rather fashion savvy. I wore a swirly 70's maternity shirt to work the other day, and she greeted me with: "Hey, Pucci!" Except I heard it as "Hey Pouchy!" (as in "fatty" ) so I responded with "You're fired." Once we'd figured out what she meant vs what I heard, we laughed and laughed.

Its the end of Turtle's 23rd week. I cannot. wait. to meet her.

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a decade ago

from one recovering addict to another :kiss:




a decade ago

Love the pic of you and my nephew. :) Tell the SheTurtle (and the hubby) that I said hello!

by REV



a decade ago

OMG! Great to see you around here again! I can't believe baby #2 is on the way! CONGRATULATIONS! Even moreso, I can't believe that teeny little baby whose pics you shared with us when he was born now looks like such a big boy in your photo!



a decade ago

:wave1: I bet you looked real cute in that "70's" maternity shirt...I use to love maternity clothes...back in the day..the 60's...Hope you are having a good evening...and that you have a fun weekend...:)