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Friday, Sep 21 2007

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Click and Clack on NPR have a position they credit as being their "Working Moms" expert, and the name ends up sounding like "her ass must be dragging" - that feels so apt this week.

I left the office early today since I had not meetings or other deadlines. My candidate of choice verbally accepted the position, which is great. This week was intense - I had meetings with the integration team, our new VP, our new AVP, and have to plan for final stages of a mjor project next week. Have I mentioned I can't wait until my leave?

Steve is going "up north" for about 24 hours this weekend, which is great. I've been feeling a bit under-Willed so this will give us a chance to be intensely together this weekend. We always come out of those times very close and in sync. Its one of my favorite phenomenons with him.

He counted to ten. On his own. And he's 22 months. Isn't that amazing? I think so. For a boy. (Most little boys I know lag behind their girl counterparts at this age with verbal skills).

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a decade ago

holy cow, is he really almost two years old? wow. I hope the week was productive, just like the weekend will be. :kiss:




a decade ago

I have extra beds and even a play pen for Turtle anytime you want to come visit. :kiss: And YEAH, that's impressive. Trevor has MAYBE 15-20 words and he's 25 months. Jacob could count to ten, but not until about 3 years. So way to go Mom (and, and Dad, too ;) ) for the extra skills!!!

by CBL



a decade ago

That is super cool, Lynn. He's very verbal. It's interesting for me to see how much earlier other kids speak than mine did. Raziel barely spoke until about 2 and a half. She knew the alphabet at her 2-year checkup (by pointing to the letters), but only said about 20 words. However, once she started talking, it was full sentences usually ending in a question mark. :talking: ...// Enjoy your Will time while Steve's away.




a decade ago

Erasmus B. Draggin. Love her. And the Russian chauffer Pic Kup Andropov. LMAO. I love those guys. Yay for time for mommy and Willnut. He will forever BE Willnut, you know. He'll be married and a daddy himself, and Auntie Rev will still call him Willnut. =D

by REV



a decade ago

Yes, I do think that is amazing.... Boys totally lag behind girls....It's hard for me sometimes, having a girl first & now a boy....I have to remind myself that he's not slower than Lane....just a Boy.... Enjoy your Will time..... I love that quality one on one time....