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Saturday, Sep 22 2007 - He pooped in the toilet!

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I'm listening to Will talk (yell, rather) to himself through the monitor. He's jumping on his matress, and describing the people he can see in the pictures on the wall in a collage. "Daddy, Tibby, Mommy, Gwa-ma, Faddy" He is also telling himself to calm down ("cam dan";). Its not working, though.

He pooped in the toilet today!! He was SO proud of himself after seeing our overwhelmingly positive reaction. I wanted to cry, and almost did. Then I couldn't after realizing with my head vs heart that I would be crying over feces. That made it seem less - what? - touching. He came to tell us he wanted a diaper change and seemed to be experiencing some discomfort, so Steve when to change him, saw that nothing had come out but was going to shortly, so he moved Will to the toiled. And voila!

We had a good play date this morning. Will does so well with other children. He is relatively happy to give way to their desires so he never proactively generates conflict. If he doesn't like the way a particular child is behaving, he moves on to another activity or another toy or another adult. This is NOT a trait that he has been taught (I wouldn't know how) - its his nature. I think he is a perfect blend of un-pushy without being a door mat.

I was able to talk to Stephie last night - she was in NY for a short layover on her way to Sri Lanka. Via Dubai. It was wonderful to hear her voice.

I'm going to try to finish my photobook while he's napping. I've been having trouble with crasing my internet connection. I can't think why that would happen, but other people have said the same thing about snapfish.

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a decade ago

Ohmygosh, our baby's growing up! Way to go, Willnut. ... // ... I need to go back and read the things you've sent me from Stephanie, what a life she leads. Praying travel mercies for her. ... // ... I just moved a bunch of albums of mission stuff out of Yahoo Photos (it closed, they bought Flickr, but Flickr makes me gag) into Kodak Gallery, which I've found super duper user friendly. For what it's worth ... xoxo

by REV



a decade ago

:wave1: Good job to Will..:thumbu2:.I know how proud he is of himself..I hope he continues to poop in the toilet...Have a great Saturday:)