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Ellen's Arrival - Part I

Monday, December 31st 2007

I have so many thoughts going through my mind and heart. Its the manic-equivelent of the manic/depressive type feelings I have right now. Post-partum-ness at its most fun. :sad3: I feel great during the day time, but every night since Ellen's birth, at 5pm sharp, I have a melt down. Of course, if this lasts much more than another week, I'll be calling my doctor.

(This might come out in fits and starts - it is, unfortunately, true (for me, anyway) that having two children isn't twice the work, it...

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Sunday, December 23rd 2007

Three days until Turtle!

Monday, December 17th 2007

I never knew that someday the sight of a little boy's tossled, bed-head hair would turn my bones to water.

I would never have thought how close to tears (of pride, joy, awe, heartache, frustration, and humility) I am over everyday interactions with this little boy.

I never knew that some day the urge to protect my little boy from harm and hurt would overwhelm me with its ferocity, its violence.

At church the last few weeks, we've slowly sung "When I breathe in, I breathe in p...

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Wednesday, December 12th 2007

So, career crisis of sorts. I've gotten a quasi-offer from the new company. I say quasi because although everything is telling me they want me, they a) have one more candidate to interview on 12/20, b) my salary IS going to be a bigger deal that I had thought. Luckily my references came in glowing and I think the SVP really wants me, but I am probably in competetion with a person who can't or wouldn't dream of asking for my salary and can start sooner.

So, after lots of talking with S, I am...

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Monday, December 10th 2007

Every inch of my body itches. I am not exaggerating. My feet itch – the BOTTOM of my feet itch. Its ridiculous – how do you scratch the bottom of your feet?

And I’m oh-so-glad they came up with the diagnosis and medication for restless leg syndrome because that’s what I have.

My skin pigmentation is all crazy – the scars from my breast reduction are VIVID and usually they are pink – obvious but not screaming. My belly button which is totally stretch out flat (yes, it’s as distu...

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