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Monday, Dec 10 2007

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Every inch of my body itches. I am not exaggerating. My feet itch Ė the BOTTOM of my feet itch. Its ridiculous Ė how do you scratch the bottom of your feet?

And Iím oh-so-glad they came up with the diagnosis and medication for restless leg syndrome because thatís what I have.

My skin pigmentation is all crazy Ė the scars from my breast reduction are VIVID and usually they are pink Ė obvious but not screaming. My belly button which is totally stretch out flat (yes, itís as disturbing to look at as it sounds) is dark-colored now. Iíve got weird splotches on my face.

Oh, and the sausage fingers! And my cankles are a odd sort of puffy texture. Eww.

Bottom line - Iím frigginí GORGEOUS.

And cheerful. 2.26 weeks until Turtleís birth. 8 days until my maternity leave. But whoís counting?

She has dropped, so even though Iím a bit more comfortable (which Iím thankful for), Iím still getting pretty bad heartburn. And (TMI) it feels like Turtle is living in my bottom. Technically its just that her head is probably nestling into the birth canal, but it FEELS like she is IN my bottom. Itís a very odd sensation.

I did get the best compliment yesterday, though, from Steve. He said, ďAt Willís ECFE class, none of the ladies can believe how amazing you are doing by working full time and working up until right before Turtleís born. I bragged that you did that with Will also. Iím so impressed with you.Ē

Music. To. My. Ears (and self esteem).

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a decade ago

:kiss: through it all, I just cannot be anything but so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY for you and S.




a decade ago

Whee! I can't wait for Turtle to get here -- and she's not even in MY bottom! =D

by REV



a decade ago

:kiss: OMG, I'm laughing, but not AT you.....with you.... I have felt your pain, & will be feeling your pain soon.... Regarding the saugage fingers: I told Dan the other day that I had them.....He looked at my hands, rolled his eyes, & said "yeah, right..." They probably aren't as bad as we think they are...... And aren't you amazed at some people thinking you are all super-woman for carrying on with life up until the baby comes....I mean, it's great that we are doing all this stuff, but we are just doing what we have been doing & trying not to let the protruding stomach affect our daily routines/requirements.... I've had some people ask me how long I was going to work until.....My answer, "unless the doc tells me I HAVE to stop working, I will be here until my water breaks." Hang in there babe.....the 26th will be here sooo soon.... :love:




a decade ago

Hang in there! :kiss:




a decade ago

Aww, that Steve. You should keep him. :love: ... Sorry you're so itchy. I shouldn't hit itchy until Valentine's Day. I'm at the oil-slick portion of my pregnancy. I cannot keep my face or hair clean. ... Put your feet up under your desk to soothe the "cankles" and keep on counting those days. I'm so excited that Turtle's time has nearly arrived. :)