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Wednesday, Dec 12 2007

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So, career crisis of sorts. I've gotten a quasi-offer from the new company. I say quasi because although everything is telling me they want me, they a) have one more candidate to interview on 12/20, b) my salary IS going to be a bigger deal that I had thought. Luckily my references came in glowing and I think the SVP really wants me, but I am probably in competetion with a person who can't or wouldn't dream of asking for my salary and can start sooner.

So, after lots of talking with S, I am going to call the SVP, re-express my interest, ask a few more questions (that I probably wouldn't normally have to ask from a large company with a big/formal HR department - like are there annual reviews and merit increases if warranted, etc.), and check with the SVP that my assumption of discussing a true/detailed offer would happen after his interview with the other candidate.

S is so excited for me, so I'm slowly getting less concerned about compensation. Its not that it isn't important, but will the sky really fall if its basically a lateral (minus a few thou) move? No. And I'm so miserable here, which I shouldn't even write out because if this other opportunity falls through, I'm stuck here for a while.

I dreamt last night that I was in labor and that it was very easy.

We toured the birth center last night. Apparenlty I can ask for the baby to be with me afer the c-section for up to an hour before she needs the newborn procedures done. I didn't know that with Will, or I would have requested that. Think how it would have helped my utter dis-connect with Will after he was born!

I'm getting a bit panicky when I think about the c-section, which is pretty unlike me. I tend to trust doctors more than I probably should, and I love my OB, so I'm not sure why I'm so nervous.

I don't want to die.

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a decade ago

:kiss: You're not going to die. For one thing, I just won't allow it! And another, because you are a strong woman. Oh...referring to your comment in Courtney's blog the other day - "moist" is Kurt's favorite word. He giggles everytime he hears it. :D Boys!

by AMYC18



a decade ago

They took Dominic away right after his C-section, and I missed seeing him right away. Lauren's C-section was planned, so I got to hold her for a bit and I was so happy about that. It makes all the difference! You will be FINE! No worries! I personally guarantee it! :kiss:




a decade ago

Sweet pea, you're not going to die. You have a Walnut and a Turtle to raise. And a damn cute hubby. Breathe. (Slower.) I'm proud of you for speaking up to the SVP, that's good for you to do and him to see and hear. Breathe. Love.

by REV



a decade ago

You'll be fine! Good luck on the new job offer. Hope all works out exactly the way you want!!




a decade ago

Don't you worry, all will be have your faith to comfort your soul. Now Relaaaaaaaax and focus on the goodness that continues to kiss your life. :kiss:




a decade ago

:love: you aren't going to die. I think the questions you want to ask the SVP are perfect, I did the same with mine. I'm thinking about you!