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Friday, Feb 1 2008 - Hammers and Lemon Juice

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My daughter slept for 5 straight hours last night, followed by another 4 straight hours. This is miraculous. I've never felt so well-rested in my entire life. And I don't think I'm exaggerating. :cool1:

Will had a horrible day yesterday. I started a mental list of things that would be more fun that his whining and tantrums - they included taking a hammer to my fingers, lemon juice on paper cuts, eating liver and lima beans, etc. Steve and I have developed a blank, wide-eyed stare we use with other to silently denote our disbelief that this is our once loving, sweet, cooperative son. The stare makes me laugh, which helps. :laugh5:

Poor monkey, though. Two is a pretty rough age to be - a) he can ALMOST do tons of things on his own, so he is constantly being frustrated by the "almosts" b) his language skills can't keep up with his brain, and c) its farging cold out so he can't run around except in our home and at limited other places.

And then he does things like spontaneously put away all his toys and tell me "Wee-moo reeddy hep-ful" or say "Lov-oo, mommy" or develop a HUGE bottom lip with gigantic crocodile tears and I just want to eat him up. :inlove1:

I have a feeling my weigh in and measurement check will be good this week. I think I see some changes in my body. Phew! Accurate food measurement is, apparently, important. :teeth2:

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a decade ago

It's all or nothing in toddler-world. Oh how I know those moments! I like your mental list, though! Our parents-as-teacher educator once told me that 30 months was the magical age when toddlers become more compliant. To which I say....bwaaaahhhhahhhahha =D




a decade ago

Hopefully, these longer stints of sleeping will be the start of something permanent.... Poor Will.... He'll get better with everything soon enough.... And, he'll never remember how traumatized he was when you brought his little sister into HIS world. :)




a decade ago

Hang on to that "blank, wide-eyed stare" and the ability to laugh. You're going to need it again in oh, about 12-13 years. Just sayin'. FWIW, when I had toddlers and babies, I was always annoyed by parents of teenagers who handed me that "Just wait...." crap. It's ok if you're annoyed by what I said. But it's still true. :P Let's just hope that Will never goes through a "fuschia hair" phase. :kiss:




a decade ago

Ah, the joys of the first nights when baby sleeps through followed by the frustration of the Terrible Twos. You know you're a parent when.............. =D

by CBL



a decade ago

:laugh5: I am always charmed by the fact that the miracle baby that sleeps through the night is 'mine' ... and the oh-dear-god tantrum thrower is 'ours'. :teeth2: I think we need new pictures. Just sayin' ...

by REV



a decade ago

Wee-moo reeddy hep-ful. Makes me want to eat him up, too. :heart1: Glad you had some good rest after a crummy day. Hope Wee-moo had good sleep, too.